Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Backyard Interviews with PEN A Place For Authors To Share Their Books on YouTube

Home Page for Backyard Interviews.
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Contact PEN if you'd like to be considered for an interview!
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Author PEN (Nero's Fiddle) is interviewing authors on YouTube.  Want to share your book? It's free for now and fun. Don't miss the opportunity to participate! Currently most interviews are being done in a lovely backyard in Decatur.
Below is an excerpt from PEN's Backyard Interviews website.
Backyard Interviews is the brainchile of writer, Pen. As a self-published author, Pen knows how difficult it is to promote and market her work. And getting an interview . . . almost impossible! By interviewing other writers and artists, she's helping them promote their work and themselves and making a name for herself. Without access to an actual studio or expensive equipment, she decided to give these interviews a more "homey" touch. What's better than being interviewed in the backyard? Relaxed, fresh air, a glass of iced tea (the House Wine of the South) and two creative people discussing creative endeavors. Perfect!
We are not professional videographers here at Backyard Interviews; I'm sure that much is evident (I'm using the "royal we" as in me, myself and I). And heaven knows, my face isn't meant to be on camera (I kind of resemble a turkey, don't I?) But I have a vision and a dream: to help other self-published and independent authors get the word out about their works.
Ergo, I will gladly put myself out there for that purpose. And hope those viewing enjoy the effort.

Tomorrow meet KT Ashely, author of The Pool, and watch his interview here!